15-Year-Old With BB Guns The Cause For Police Presence In AC Park

Ark City police were called to Paris Park Thursday afternoon for a report of a person with a rifle that was also wearing a gun in a holster.

According to a news release from ACPD Chief Eric Burr, several officers arrived after 1 p.m. and contacted a 15-year-old Ark City resident. Police confirmed that the guns were BB guns.

Information was gathered and it was found that there was no threat to the public. Burr said police did not believe there were any direct threats made toward any persons.

“The witnesses did a great job identifying an issue they did not feel comfortable with and alerted the police,” Burr stated. “In these situations, we encourage people to say something when they see something that does not feel right to them. In this instance, they did just that.”

The ACPD asks the public if anyone has any further information in regards to this incident, please call the police department at (620) 441-4547.