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Ella Langley Friday Night at 7 Clans First Council Casino


This Friday night you can hear Ella Langley in concert at 7 Clans First Council Casino in Newkirk!

Ella Langley’s music resonates like the warmth of Alabama whiskey, smooth and inviting. Rooted in genuine country narratives, her stories weave seamlessly with captivating anthemic hooks, offering an effortlessly enjoyable experience. Interspersed with moments of rock ‘n’ roll bravado, her music possesses the power to floor you with its attitude-laden charm.

As both a singer and songwriter, she skillfully distills her candid life encounters and pivotal influences into an irresistible and unparalleled blend. Showcasing a powerhouse vocal range, a keen and incisive pen, and an unapologetic authenticity, she has quietly risen as a remarkable sensation, amassing tens of millions of streams and cultivating a rapidly expanding fan community.

Join Ella Langley THIS FRIDAY at 7 Clans First Council Casino on Highway 77 in Newkirk! Get your tickets here!