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Northern Oklahoma Humane Society Welcome New Executive Director

The Northern Oklahoma Humane Society’s Board of Directors is delighted to announce the appointment of Karlissa Archibeque as our esteemed new Executive Director. Karlissa’s exceptional dedication to our organization was evident during her tenure as the 2022 Board President, where she played a pivotal role in increasing the impact of the successful Trap Neuter Return Program she helped initiate in 2020. Under her dynamic leadership, Karlissa and her team of volunteers have accomplished a remarkable feat, ensuring the spaying and neutering of over 1000 community cats in Kay County.
Through her collaborative efforts with the leadership of Ponca City Animal Control, Karlissa has been instrumental in elevating the feline live release rate from 11% to over 90% at the municipal shelter within the past few years. “I am excited to be appointed as the Executive Director of the Northern Oklahoma Humane Society, which allows me to combine my passion for animal welfare with my leadership skills,” says Karlissa regarding her new role. “I am committed to advocating for the well-being of animals in need and creating a compassionate community. With this position, I am empowered to inspire change and positively impact the animals we serve and our community.”
Karlissa’s unwavering commitment to rescuing homeless pets and encouraging others to adopt and foster animals in need is truly inspiring.
“The Board of Directors is elated by Karlissa’s exemplary leadership, fundraising acumen, and unwavering dedication to enhancing animal welfare in our community,” said current Board President Justin Mathews. “Having witnessed Karlissa’s unparalleled devotion to caring for countless foster animals in her own home, I can confidently say that she exemplifies how animal enthusiasts in Ponca City and the surrounding areas can make a significant difference in the lives of animals in need.”
Please help us celebrate Karlissa in her new role.