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Oklahoma Shootout Fast Draw Event set for September 2nd


The World Fast Draw Association has scheduled a fast draw event on Saturday, September 2nd, at 5250 North Hilltop Road in Newkirk.

Renowned as one of the world’s premier organizations dedicated to the fast draw sport, the World Fast Draw Association boasts a vast membership across the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, and beyond. The event, named the Oklahoma Shootout, falls under the category of a vice-chairman sanctioned contest, which stands as a regional smaller scale competition compared to the larger chairman contests.

According to Jim Tinsley, the Vice Chairman for Area 9, encompassing Nebraska and Kansas, “It’s the swiftest timed sport globally.”

Coordinated by Jim Tinsley and Mike Landis, Vice Chairman for Area 2, covering Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana, the event will take place at Landis’ ranch.

The fast draw ammunition employs a powderless bullet with a wax head. The timer halts upon the bullet striking the target, with timings measured in thousandths of a second. Participant fees are set at $40, in addition to a $5 shooters fee, which supports the World Fast Draw Association’s insurance and year-end awards. The prize system for this contest entails a standard percentage distribution plus five awards for men and three for women.

Jim Tinsley explained, “For men, the first-place winner receives 30%, followed by 25% for second place, and then 20%, 15%, and 10% respectively. The top five placements are awarded trophies.” He further noted, “With fewer female participants, we allocate prizes for the top three. The female first-place winner secures 50%, followed by 30% and 20%.”

Registration will be open from 9 am to 9:55 am, followed by a prompt start at 10 am.

Directions to Landis’ ranch:

  • From Newkirk’s traffic light, head east for seven miles.
  • Turn right (south) onto Hilltop Road.
  • Proceed one mile to 5250 N. Hilltop Road.

Following the competition, attendees can enjoy hot dogs and baked beans. Guests are encouraged to bring a covered dish and their preferred beverages.

For additional information, reach out to Mike Landis at 580-362-2450 or Jim Tinsley at 620-441-8033.

The event organizers are also gearing up for a two-day shoot chairman contest at the Stagecoach Event Center in Newkirk on September 30th and October 1st. On September 29th, there will be an opportunity for the public to engage in fast draw trials.