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Pioneer Tech Ambulance Simulator Enhances Training for EMT Program


PONCA CITY- Pioneer Technology Center (PTC) is using cutting-edge technology with a true-to-life replica of an actual ambulance patient compartment, that is significantly enhancing the training experience for EMT and Paramedic students at Pioneer Tech.

Joe Bennett, Director of the OSU-OKC fire program and a valued member of the Firefighter/EMT advisory committee, played a pivotal role in securing this invaluable resource for the tech center. The Board of Regents approved the transfer, and thanks to the collaborative effort, PTC was able to acquire the simulator at minimal cost—covering only the disassembly, transport, and reassembly, expertly executed by Simulator Solutions based in Texas.

The simulator mirrors the layout of a real ambulance, complete with a cot and all the essential equipment found in the back of a 911 ambulance. Its state-of-the-art features include audio and video capabilities, enabling instructors to closely monitor students as they simulate emergency scenarios. The simulator is mounted on airbags, replicating the dynamic movements, bumps, and turns experienced in a real ambulance navigating challenging terrains.

“The simulator is a game-changer for our EMT and Paramedic offerings,” said Kahle Goff, Executive Director of Full-Time Programs at PTC. “It provides an engaging and realistic training environment that prepares our students for the dynamic challenges they’ll face in the field.”

The trainer is instrumental in offering a true-to-life experience for patient moving and handling, as well as patient care. PTC’s EMT students will gain invaluable exposure to the high-pressure, dynamic nature of prehospital care, an environment vastly different from traditional clinical settings.

In addition to honing their skills in patient care and transport, the simulator also prepares students for clinical rotations with area agencies. The hands-on experience gained during ride-outs with local Fire/EMS agencies ensures that students are well-acquainted with the protocols and procedures, facilitating a smoother transition into the workforce.

The Ambulance Simulator represents a significant investment in the education and training of future emergency medical professionals in the Pioneer Tech district.

For more information about Pioneer Tech and its programs, please visit their website at or contact them at 762-8336. PTC is celebrating 50 years of enhancing lives and securing futures this year.