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Ponca PD & Healthy Living Coalition partner to deter tobacco and alcohol sales to youth


In an ongoing effort to uphold public health and safety standards, the Kay County Healthy Living Coalition in partnership with the Ponca City Police Department will be teaming up to conduct tobacco and alcohol compliance checks in Ponca City this month. These checks, which involve inspections and enforcement actions, are vital in ensuring that retailers in Ponca City adhere to regulations designed to protect consumers, particularly minors, from the harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol products.

The legal age to purchase tobacco and alcohol products is 21, according to federal and state law. Tobacco and alcohol use among minors can have severe consequences on their health and well-being, leading to long-term addiction and a range of associated health issues. Compliance checks serve as a crucial deterrent to prevent underage individuals from accessing these harmful substances. Conducting compliance checks also upholds the legal standards set forth by local, state, and federal regulations governing the sale and distribution of tobacco and alcohol products. Businesses found in violation of these standards may face penalties, license revocations, or other enforcement actions to deter future non-compliance.

Through education, training, and enforcement, compliance checks encourage retailers to adopt responsible practices in the sale of tobacco and alcohol products. This includes verifying the age of customers, displaying appropriate signage, and adhering to product labeling requirements.

For more information about tobacco and alcohol compliance checks, please contact Carrie Winslett, Kay County TSET Healthy living Program at [email protected] or Marcie Antonio, Kay County Alcohol Prevention Coordinator, OSU Community Wellness at [email protected]