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100th Day of School From Lincoln Elementary (photos)


Students at Lincoln Elementary celebrated their 100th day of school in different ways:

Door is Mrs. Gazaway, 1st Grade at Lincoln.

Students with button in the bag are Rosalyn Boike, Braden Bohon, and Adrian Paez. They are first graders in Mrs. Young’s class. They had 10 bags with a variety of items in them and they had to estimate if the bag contained 25, 50, 75, or 100 items.

The 100 paper students are Alexyn Harper-Hanson, Piper Thiele, Anthony LeClair, and Cheyenne Ellifritt. These students are in second grade Mrs. Castleman. They had to solve problems and color in the spaces on the 100’s chart with the correct answer. All of the answers together gave the final picture showing 100.

100-1  100-2