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2020 Osage County Free Fair cancelled


The Ponca City News is reporting that members of the Osage County Fair Board and the Osage County Commissioners have made the decision to cancel the 2020 Osage County Free Fair.

The fair was canceled due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, and the decision was approved by the commissioners. When asking schools if they would make a visit to the fair this year, the answers received were “very doubtful” or “probably not”.

Macy Strom of the Fair Board Chair said that the fair is geared towards children, school kids and their families, that the loss of their attendance would be major. Strom also said that grade schools, day cares, pre-school and high school agriculture groups bring approximately one thousand people to the fair each year.

In an effort to grow the fair, the Fair Board was working on having 10-12 rides set up by Spectacular Amusements, along with several games and wide selection of food trailers.

The Osage County Free Fair looks to return in 2021 for Sept. 8-11.