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322 COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma, 17 now in Kay County


The Oklahoma State Department of Health released their latest update on COVID-19 cases as of Friday, March 27.

There are now 322 COVID-19 cases statewide, a jump from 248 on Thursday. Oklahoma County has the most cases with 92 documented.

Kay county made the jump from 11 on Thursday to 17 COVID-19 cases. For area counties in northern Oklahoma, Osage County has 2 new cases and now sits at 5 overall COIVID-19 reports, Payne has 7 cases, 14 in Pawnee County, 3 in Logan and one new cases for Noble County that now has 3 COVID-19 cases.

There are 1,084 test results that showed negative

There have been 8 deaths in Oklahoma due to COVID-19. Reports show 105 Oklahomans have been hospitalized from the virus.

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