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AccuWeather Says Cool Weather Keeping Tornadoes Away


There may be an upside to the cool weather so far this spring.  AccuWeather reports that the cooler-than-normal conditions are largely responsible for the lack of tornadoes so far this year in Oklahoma and the rest of Tornado Alley.  counted across part of Tornado Alley so far this year.  Kansas and Oklahoma average 13-14 tornadoes per year during April, but so far there’s not been a single twister in either state this month.   has not yet been a single tornado confirmed in Oklahoma and Kansas in 2018.  The latest start to the tornado season in Oklahoma was on April 26, 1962. If we manage to finish the month without a tornado, 2018 will join 1987 and 1988 as the only three years  when no tornadoes occurred during the month.

Watch the video and read the full story from AccuWeather when you click here.