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American Airlines cutting back on flights from Stillwater to DFW


American Airlines has announced they’ll be cutting back service at Stillwater Regional Airport. Envoy Air, a regional carrier for American, has been operating daily flights between Stillwater and Dallas Fort-Worth.

Starting Friday, there will be just one flight between the two cities. The plane will arrive at 1:30 and depart for DFW at 2. Cause for the cutback? Lower demand because of the COVID 19 pandemic..

According to the Stillwater News Press, Stillwater City Manager Norman McNickle told the city council on Monday night that the one flight will arrive at 1:30 p.m. Friday afternoon and will make the department for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport at 2 p.m.

McNickle also said that the number of flyers took a plummet when the pandemic started, but had started to come back. However, the percentage of filled seats over the past month has taken a drop again.