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Amtrak proposing expansion of Heartland Flyer line

Amtrak is proposing an expansion of the Heartland Flyer line, the passenger rail service running between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, Texas, since 1999.
The proposal would increase the number of daily round trips between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth from one to three. It would also extend the line north to Newton, Kansas, with one round trip per day. Ponca City, which hasn’t had rail service in more than 40 years, is in line for a stop. Mayor Homer Nicholson said that will be great for tourism, aerospace workers and older residents who need to get to Oklahoma City.
Ponca City recently finalized the purchase of a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Depot, which they’ll turn into a multi-modal transportation hub.
“And that way, we have pre-staged our transportation to join the rail, the passenger rail. We’ll be ready, able and willing and waiting on the passenger rail to come through,” Nicholson said.
Taking the Heartland Flyer to Newton would also connect it to the Southwest Chief line, which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. Amtrak President Stephen Gardner believes the demand for Heartland Flyer expansion is there.
The City of Ponca City asks that those wanting the proposed expansion of the rail line to happen should call your legislator. Contact info is posted below:
Senator James E. Inhofe
Phone: (202)224-4721
Senator James Lankford
Phone: (202)224-5754
Representative Frank D. Lucas
Phone: (202)224-3121