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April 3rd is State Testing for Juniors and Digital Day for 9th, 10th, & 12th Grade Students


On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, all Ponca City High School juniors will be taking the ACT exam as part of the Oklahoma State Testing Program requirements.  In an effort to provide a quality testing atmosphere, all Po-Hi students will be taking part in a “Digital Day.”   While 11th graders are at school taking the ACT, all other grades at Po-Hi will be required to complete an online assignment from home.

All Po-Hi freshmen and sophomores will be answering essay questions regarding their Po-Hi experience and plans for their future. This aligns with College and Career Readiness Standards and will help hone their writing skills.  Additionally, freshmen and sophomores will be required to complete a survey about their high school experience with Po-Hi’s remediation period, Mandatory Uninterrupted Study Hall (MUST), to provide student feedback on how to improve this program.

Seniors will be completing an online assignment, and specific details will be provided in a “Digital Day” meeting on March 28.

“Digital Day” students are required to access and complete their assignment on Wednesday, April 3 and will be counted as attending school the full day.  However, failure to access and complete the assignment will be considered an absence for the entire day.  Students who may not have access to reliable Internet service may download the assignment on Tuesday, April 2, and submit the morning of Thursday, April 4.

In addition to the “Digital Day” requirements, seniors who are enrolled in college concurrent classes or in classes at Pioneer Technology Center are still required to attend those classes.

Po-Hi’s Child Nutrition Program will have breakfast and lunch available for junior students taking the ACT, and normal rates will apply.  For students to eat breakfast at school prior to testing, the breakfast time has been modified to 7:10 until 7:40 AM.

Ponca City School Superintendent Shelley Arrott stated, “The students of Ponca City High School are fortunate to have the capabilities for “Digital Day” due to our one-to-one initiative available to students.  This flexibility provides the experience for alternative learning environments to promote opportunities for success.  Our students’ access to the latest technology is possible because of our great citizens.  Thank you to our community for supporting PCPS Bond Elections!”