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Area school out for Tuesday.


McCord Elementary School Principal and Superintendent Beverly Hawkins Moore announced Monday afternoon that McCord will be closed today.

Tonkawa Public School Superintendent Lori Simpson said the Tonkawa Public Schools closed yesterday and will be closed indefinitely until the state legislature can properly fund education.  Moore said schools and conferences in their area are allowing activities to take place, and she feels it is only fair for Tonkawa students to participate as well.

Stillwater public schools also announced that they will be closed today in support of the teacher walkout.


Governor Fallin, who was  absent yesterday from the Capitol issued this statement.

“Significant revenue-raising measures were approved to make this pay raise and additional school funding possible,” Fallin said. “We must be responsible not to neglect other areas of need in the state such as corrections and health and human services as we continue to consider additional education funding measures. I look forward to continuing to talk with legislative leaders and teachers as we forge a positive pathway forward for education.”