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Area schools and police made aware of nation-wide possible threats to schools trending on TikTok


The Tonkawa Police Department is aware of the nation-wide possible threats to schools, trending on TikTok, for Dec. 17th. TPD has communicated and coordinated with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations/ Oklahoma Information Fusion Center, The 8th District Major Crimes Unit, and the Tonkawa Public Schools. Although no credible threats have been made to area schools, TPD will have an added security presence on Friday. Tonkawa Police Officers, both in-uniform and in plain-clothes, will be present on both school campuses as precautionary measures. TPD takes safety in the Tonkawa community and schools with the highest regard.

Also made aware of a nation wide TikTok that focuses on making threats to schools on December 17th is Newkirk Public Schools. Newkirk police department was made aware earlier today and will be at NPS tomorrow to ensure we have a safe environment. Newkirk is planning on opening tomorrow as normal and finishing this semester on a positive note. Any threats made to NPS will be taken seriously and will result in disciplinary action and intervention by our local law enforcement. Please communicate with your children to ensure they are not engaging in any of this type of behavior.

Ponca City Superintendent Shelley Arrott released a letter in which you can click here to read.