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Armed robber on trial.


Shawn Ashton Mantz is on trial for robbery of the Triple T on South 14th last June.  Clerk Crystal McVey said she was working alone at the store when a man with a gun entered at 1:51 AM and demanded money.

The clerk said she gave the robber $342 and he left the store.  A picture from the surveillance camera was posted on facebook and Mantz was identified.  Mantz and a woman were arrested at a traffic stop that day.   Mantz was admitted to the Ponca City Hospital after he told officers he had ingested meth.

The woman said she had a gun and the two discussed robbing a store to get money to provide shelter for her kids.  She said she stayed in the car while Mantz went into the store.  They then drove to Ark City and bought drugs with the hope of selling the drugs and doubling the money.  The trial continues today.