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Autumn Leaf Collection Continues In Ponca City


PONCA CITY – The City of Ponca City’s Autumn Leaf Collection is underway until January 24, 2020. The City’s Crew will
be working the City section by section, so it may take two weeks or more to collect the leaves due to the
large volumes expected.


The City is asking residents who wish to have their leaves removed to please follow these guidelines:

  • Residents are asked to bag their leaves if possible. Bagged leaves placed in the regular refuse
    collection area will be collected free of charge until January 24, 2020. Bagged leaves will be
    picked up at the rate of 10 bags per pickup day.
  • Loose leaves should be placed within three feet of the front curb, but not in the street gutter. If
    leaves are raked or blown into the street gutter they may clog the storm drains. Leaves found
    blown or raked into the street may result in a citation (per city code).
  • No uncontainerized leaves will be collected in alleyways.
  • No mulched leaves or leaves mixed with grass will be collected except by special
    pickup. Remember, mulching leaves and backyard composting helps provide a rich soil for next

Leaf collection will also be available by special pickup anytime during the year. Call 767-0411 for
information on special pickups. Special pickups carry a minimum charge of thirty-nine dollars and nine
cents ($39.09).