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Bail Bonds person charged with murder denied bond second time.


Chasity Dawn Carey of  Drumright, charged with fatally shooting one of her bail bonds clients at her office in downtown Stillwater was again denied bond during a hearing Monday afternoon.

Judge Phillip Corley denied her request during the pretrial hearing. Carey is charged with first-degree murder and faces up in life in prison with or without parole if convicted. Carey killed 38-year-old Brandon Williams after she shot him in the back, an event which was captured on a GoPro camera her son – who was in the office at the time of the shooting – had placed in the room.

Carey was arrested after Stillwater Police watched video that captured the shooting of Williams in the back, which led Stillwater Police Department investigators to determine Carey had not shot Williams in self-defense as she had previously told them at the scene. In the affidavit, Carey told Bruce she and her 19-year-old son had “planned a ruse to get Williams to come to her office so they could detain him” after Williams texted and advised her he was “Gone to Florida” but had not yet left.

Carey originally told officers early in the investigation that she had brought one of her pistols from home to her office.  Carey told officers that she did not have a conceal carry permit, nor was she a licensed armed bail enforcer.