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Blackwell City Mayor announces Small Business Forgivable Loan Program


Blackwell City Mayor T.J. Greenfield announced in a Facebook video on Friday that a new program has been approved a Small Business Forgivable Loan Program to provide forgivable loan amount money to small business owners in Blackwell.

Those two amounts will be $1,500 and $2,500. $62,500 is available through this funding and will hopefully help 20-30 businesses in Blackwell. Central businesses are required to be in business until May 31 and continue to provide services under state guidelines. For non-essential businesses, they are asked to open up once restrictions are lifted for them, and continue operating for 45 days after.

The priority of the funding will also be based on how many jobs a business provides along with the amount of revenue loss due to COVID-19. The businesses will also have needed to be in operation 2 years prior to the pandemic. Additional priorities will be given to restaurants, retail, floor shops etc. Businesses such as lending and investment institutions, non-profits, insurance companies, home-based businesses and chained-stores and franchises.

While Blackwell City Hall remains closed, you will be able to pick up a program for the Small Business Forgivable Loan Program within the next week. The phone number for Blackwell City Hall is (580) 363-7250.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mayor Greenfield by clicking here to go to this Facebook page.

Small businesses are the backbone of communities.