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Board Reccomending New Zoning Changes


The Planning Commission Advisory Board voted Tuesday to recommend a zoning change to the City Commission for the corner of Prospect Avenue and Union Street. The measure was prompted by a request from a local applicant to place a medical marijuana dispensary at 109 West Prospect Avenue inside a residential property that formerly housed a local daycare center, marking also the continued transformation of the Prospect Avenue corridor between 14th Street and Union.

Development Services Director Chris Henderson said that after inspection of the application and surrounding business enterprises, the staff recommendation was for approval. Though the general area of Prospect and Union was once residential, development on Prospect going towards 14th street has been on a steady march for years with new businesses opening up in that area.

Ponca City Commissioners voted in June 2018 to enact ordinance changes establishing zoning regulations for the retail sales of medical marijuana whereas you can’t cultivate it in Ponca City. The location of the house is in C-2, which is a zone where retail establishments are restricted.