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BOE Approves HALO Smart Sensors


The Ponca City Board of Education recently approved an agreement with Johnson Controls for HALO Smart Sensors to be installed at Po-Hi and West Middle School. The sensors detect vape use as well as noise detection.

Adam Leaming, Director of Operations for Ponca City Public Schools, said the district is purchasing 22 sensors. “These all-in-one safety devices will become a key component in helping provide a safer environment for our students and staff at both schools.”

“These detectors are able to detect vapes, smoke and sound abnormalities like shouting or banging in areas in which cameras cannot be installed,” said Leaming. “In addition, they monitor carbon dioxide, particulate concentrations and other harmful chemicals in the air of our restrooms.”

Leaming said an important component to the school environment is creating high quality clean air and spaces. “These smart sensors can help us with humidity control and increase our health outcomes, while simultaneously adding another layer of safety in our restrooms.”

PCPS purchased these same detectors for East Middle School as a pilot program. “After monitoring the bathrooms at East and the outcomes we achieved, the district felt it would be a fantastic addition for our high school and West Middle School restrooms,” said Leaming.

The sensors are silent, meaning when either harmful chemicals or loud noises are detected, administrators and school personnel are notified immediately through texts and emails.

Installation of these sensors will coincide with summer construction and remodels that will occur across the district.