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Burn Ban approved for Kay County


On Monday, Kay County Commissioners approved a Burn Ban that will last for 14 days. The Burn Ban will expire on March 21 unless rescinded by county commissioners.

Each County Board of County Commissioners is required by law to notify a number of entities, including Oklahoma Forestry Services (OFS), on the same day that any burn ban resolution is passed either placing a ban in effect or canceling such ban.

If you wish to see the laws to follow while under a burn ban, you can click here to go to the information from the Oklahoma Forestry.

As for upcoming weather, there is a moderated fire danger in the week ahead overall with temperatures cold overnight temperatures coupled with good moisture recovery limiting active burning conditions to a few hours in the afternoons.

There will be a brief elevated fire danger Wednesday afternoon in western Oklahoma as we’ll see temperatures anywhere from the mid-50º’s to 60º and afternoon relative humidity values of 17-28 percent.

South winds during the afternoon in the 15-20 mph range with higher gusts.

On established fires, rangeland fuels will exhibit rates of spread nearing 190 ft/min during peak burning conditions. Initial attack activity is expected to be successful with resistance to control backing off a bit from previous days. The precipitation outcome on Thursday and Friday will have influence on the strength of fire danger during the coming weekend. Temperatures begin to warm again this weekend coupled with a drier atmosphere and breezy winds.