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City of Blackwell releases response after a BHS coaching staff member tests positive for COVID-19


The City of Blackwell shared a press release on Thursday stating that they’re aware of the situation regarding a coaching staff member of Blackwell High School testing positive for COVID-19 earlier in the week.

The effected member contracted the virus while out of state, and has already been exercising safe social-distancing practices, including wearing a mask for safety and maintaining a distance between between fellow coaching staff and high school students.

City of Blackwell Emergency Manager Cory Hanebrink said that, due to the individuals precautions, risk of the spread was minimal. Hanebrink also stated that they are reducing the load of guest at the Blackwell Memorial Pool by half as a precaution. The pool sits to the north of Blackwell High School on the other side of Coolidge Avenue.

Blackwell City Administration is monitoring the situation closely, as this is only the third COVID-19 case to develop in the Blackwell area since the pandemic began. A majority of the COVID-19 cases in kay County have been in the Ponca City area according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

The City of Blackwell applauds the safety precaution taken by the individual, and encourages residents to stay safe.