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City of Ponca City provides update on Broadband service


The construction bid for Phase 4 and 5 has been awarded to Trans-Tel Central, LLC, headquartered in Norman, OK. They are in the process of setting up the offices and warehouse, and anticipate beginning the actual construction process on 4/25/22.

Phase 4 and 5 consist of all homes and businesses on the East side of N 14th St, within the City limits. Estimated completion of this part of the project is 1st quarter, 2023.

Ponca City Broadband will assume ownership of customer service areas (there are 21 in Phase 4 and 5) as soon as construction and testing in each of those areas is completed. Postcards will be mailed to individual addresses, and the coverage map on the website will be updated as these service areas are ready to serve customers.