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Congressman Lucas visits Ponca City


Congressman Frank Lucas made one of 32 county stops in Ponca City this week and held a town hall meeting at the Standing Bear Museum.

Lucas predicted a roller coaster ride in the next Congressional session dealing with the budget. While praising President Trumps recent office appointments, Lucas gave the audience of  50 people the impression that the first seven months of the Trump administration has been a bumpy ride.

Lucas said the budget and legislation on national health care are slated to be the main topics when the Legislature goes back into session after Labor Day. He added that the House had passed a budget, which had been rejected by the Senate. Congress will be dealing with 12 appropriation bills.

The next major issue will be dealing with tax reform that is expected to lower taxes on businesses and industries. Value added tax will be addressed.

The audience during the question and answer period asked about health care and insurance, controlled burns to prevent major forest fires and zoning to prevent rebuilding structures in flood plain areas.