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Cowley County health officer considering placing Kay County on travel restriction list


Cowley County, Kansas Public Health Officer Tom Langer said earlier in the week that he is considering placing Kay County on their travel restriction list due to the five cases of COVID-19 reported in the county.

Langer has heard stories of Kay County residents going to Cowley County to visit, shop and even work. Cowley County residents do the same in Kay County, especially Ponca City for dining, shopping and work.

Langer doesn’t want to see COVID-19 spread from Kay County into Cowley County as it would spread through Ark City before making its way to Winfield and the rest of the county.

Cowley County’s isolation order calls for a 14-day self quarantine for people who have traveled from certain at-risk countries and states. Langer is considering adding Kay County to that list of locations. Other places on the travel restriction list for Cowley County include New York, Florida and California.

Oklahoma has 109 COVID-19 cases, Kansas has 98 cases.