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Crime solved! Crime Stoppers is working!

Crime Stoppers is working! 

This woman has been identified through Crime Stoppers.  She was part of the fraud that occurred at Murphy’s USA on May 27.

The on duty employee received a telephone call, from a man identifying himself as the Chief Financial Officer of Murphy’s.  In the conversation he told the employee that he and three other people from the office would be coming to the store to change the money out from the safe.  About an hour later a Caucasian female arrived at the store.  She told the clerk that she was there for the money that was in the safe.  About ten minutes later the clerk realized it was a scam and notified Police.          

The investigator has spoken with the suspect that was identified through Crime Stoppers.  Based on her statements, a request for a warrant has been sent to the District Attorney’s Office asking that an arrest warrant be issued for her.