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David Kinkaid Running In School Board Election


For the elections on Tuesday, April 1, David Kinkaid is running for the Ponca City School Board.

David Kinkaid is committed to ensuring all schools maintain a safe learning and teaching environment. Kinkaid wants to strive for ALL students to have access to innovative curriculum and resources for success. Kinkaid plans to increase special education programs and services. And Kinkaid also plans to be respecting and championing teachers and support staff while also supporting ALL extra-curricular activities.

David Kinkaid is a life-long Ponca City resident/local veterinarian for 49 years. Kinkaid graduated from Ponca City High School in 1963, and his kids also graduated from Po-Hi. Kinkaid is highly involved in youth activities, Kinkaid is instrumental in $85 million in Capital improvement for Ponca City Public Schools, who have seen a 92% increase in the graduation rate. Po-Hi has also exceeded at ACT test scores.

Go out and cast your vote on Tuesday, April 2.