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Dead Winfield prisoner had been arrested the day before at local hospital.


Less than a day before he was found dead in a Cowley County Jail cell, Jesse Crable was arrested by Winfield Police following an incident that began when he shoved a doctor at the local emergency room.

7 p.m. Wednesday, the 33-year-old Crable was discovered unresponsive in a cell he occupied at the jail in Winfield.   An autopsy was ordered.

Sheriff David Falletti said initial indications were that Crable died due to medical issues.

Crable was being held on two warrants. One out of Winfield and the other out of Sedgwick County.

Police were called to the emergency room at William Newton Hospital in response to a  report of a man who was very intoxicated and had pushed a doctor. Crable was medically cleared and then informed he would be arrested on the two active warrants.

The doctor who had been shoved did not want to press charges.

Crable pulled out a boxcutter, and an officer at the scene took out his Taser. The officer ordered Crable to drop the boxcutter.  Crable began to cut his own head.

When the boxcutter fell to the floor, the officer holstered his Taser and tackled Crable as he reached for the boxcutter. The Taser was not used to apprehend the suspect.

Crable’s cuts were checked in the emergency room and he was medically cleared a second time. He was transported to the county jail.

Crable had previous convictions for theft, according to state corrections records available online.