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Driver Killed in Residence Crash


The driver of a 2012 GMC Sierra who was killed when his truck crashed into a house early Sunday morning.  20 year old Caleb Holt was pronounced dead at the scene after emergency crews responded to the residencewhere the porch collapsed on the truck after it crashed into the house. The  Stillwater Police Department, said officers learned Holt  had allegedly consumed psychedelic mushrooms prior to the crash and had an adverse reaction to the mushrooms”. The death is still being investigated by SPD’s Accident Reconstruction Unit and Criminal Investigations Unit.

According to the Stillwater Police report  at about 1:20 a.m., an SPD officer was parked in front of a business when the officer saw the vehicle driving west on Sixth “at a high rate of speed” – when the officer began to pull out of the parking lot to stop the truck,the vehicle crossed the eastbound lanes of Sixth, jumped the curb and came onto the property before crashing into the house.

Anyone with information about the crash is asked to contact the Stillwater Police Department (405) 372-4171.