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Early voting starts today for Blackwell School Bond


Early voting for the Blackwell School Bond Election begins today. Voters are deciding whether or not Blackwell Public Schools should issue a $23,550,000 bond. Early voting is available today and tomorrow from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the County Election Board located at the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk.


It will be in the amount of $23,550,000.00 for 15 years. School Bonds are based on property taxes that is in the Blackwell School District only, not local sales tax.


Blackwell Board of Education is presenting this bond issue to replace the Elementary School Bond; which expires in June of 2022.  It will be in the amount of $23,550,000.00 for 15 years.  School Bonds are based on property taxes that is in the Blackwell School District only, not local sales tax. The following figures are based on the 2020 property taxes. This bond issue would raise the district mileage rate to  32.02.  Our district’s current millage rate is 20.91.   In 2007 when the elementary school bond passed it raised our millage rate to 34.86.  This bond would be a little smaller increase than the 2007 school bond tax increase.  It would be a 11.88% tax increase. For every $100.00 of property taxes paid, your property taxes would go up $11.88.


For Example: if your taxes were $600.00  you would now pay $671.28   $600 X .1188 = $71.28 + $600 = $671.28. This would be an increase of $5.94 per month on your property taxes. To view your taxes – go to the Kay County treasurer website, then on the top middle of : the page click on view or pay tax info,  a box will pop up that says enter last name, input your last name and then hit enter, then scroll down the page to find your name. Multiply the amount of your taxes by .1188 and that will give you your increase. This project would take approximately 2 years to complete, with an October of 2022 estimated start date.



High School Building – Built in 1962

New Secure Vestibule Entry and Office Suite

New Kitchen

ADA Accessible Library Renovations

ADA Accessible Storm Shelter on the Ground Floor

ADA Accessible Restroom Renovations

Modernize All Classrooms (Solid Classroom Hallway Walls) Remove all Hallway Glass

Open Up Corridors


New Fire Suppression System

New Electrical

New Flooring

New LED Lighting

New Exterior Entrances

New Paint

New Window Film on the Study Center Windows, Making the Glass More Difficult to See In

New Ceiling in Study Center

New Lockers

New Entry Parking


Auditorium Building – Built in 1968

ADA Accessible Restroom Renovations

New Store Front

New Doors

Demo Brick Planters and Pavers

New Paint and Ceilings in Lobby

New Carpet and Seating in Auditorium

New Stage Sound and Lighting

New House Lighting

New Paint



Band & Vocal Rooms – Built in 1968


New Doors

New Instrument Storage

New Flooring

ADA Accessible Restrooms Renovations

New Ceiling and Lights

New Paint


VoAg – Wood Shop – Built in 1970

New Front Exterior Doors and Windows

New Flooring

New Ceilings

New Paint

Practice Gym – Built in 1968

New Entry Canopy with New Vestibule

New Interior and Exterior Paint

New Front Concrete Sidewalk

Heating Improvements


Football Facilities (South Side) – Built Around 1952

New ADA Access Ramp

New ADA Seating Platform

New All Aluminum Seating

New Press Box

New Building Which Would Consist of ADA Restrooms, Concession Stand and Football Locker Room



High School B and C wing

Auditorium High Roof

Vo-Ag – Wood Shop

These are the remaining roofs that were not replaced 3 years ago.   Everything on campus will now have a roof that has a warranty on it.


Middle School

HVAC Improvements


Graphics of the proposal can be seen on the Blackwell Public School’s Facebook Page by clicking here.