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Earthquakes in listening area.


Earthquakes are in the news this morning with a 3.4 recorded around 5 AM near South Hutchinson Kansas.  Damage is estimated to start when an earthquake reaches 4.0.  There were two 4.2 magnitude earthquakes reported last weekend centering in Breckenridge, Oklahoma.  A 4.1 magnitude quake hit early Tuesday afternoon near the town of Amorita. Local officials say no injuries or damage were reported.

A 4.1 magnitude was recorded yesterday near Kiowa Kansas with no damage reported at this time.

The number of earthquakes in Oklahoma has spiked in recent years, with many linked to the underground injection of wastewater from oil and natural gas production.

Regulators have ordered some wells to be closed.

Before 2009, Oklahoma averaged one magnitude 3.0 earthquake a year. The number jumped to 903 such earthquakes in 2015 before declining to 304 last year.