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Earthquakes in Oklahoma and Mexico


A 3.9 earthquake was recorded in Grant County, yesterday evening, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported.

The earthquake struck near Lamont, OK in the far northern region of the state at approximately 9:26 p.m. The earthquake’s epicenter was about 21 miles north of Enid, and 83 miles north of Oklahoma City. The earthquake had a depth of 3 miles.

No damage or injuries have been reported with this quake.

According to the United States Geological Survey, damage is likely associated with earthquakes at magnitudes of 4.0 or greater.

A smaller 2.5-magnitude earthquake was recorded around 5 p.m. Thursday roughly 10 miles west of Harper, Kansas.

A rare and powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck southern Mexico late yesterday evening,  killing at least 15 people as seismologists warned of a tsunami of more than 10 feet tall.

The quake hit offshore in the Pacific about 75 miles southwest of the town of Tres Picos in far southern Chiapas state, the US Geological Survey said, putting the magnitude at 8.1.

Mexico’s president said the earthquake magnitude was 8.2, the strongest in a century in the country.