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East Middle School Names Most Valuable Students for First Semester

Pictured right: Row 1: Kendra Littlewalker, Angelisa Tello, Katey Lester, Mark Hodgson  Row 2: Mark Powell, Brantley Pressnall, Skyler Jernigan  Row 3: Gage Stout, Emmie Denton, Kevin Littlewalker, Elijah Phillips  Not Pictured: Brooklyn Loney

The administration of East Middle School announced today that Emmie Denton, Mark Hodgson, Skyler Jernigan, Katey Lester, Kendra Littlewalker, Kevin Littlewalker, Brooklyn Loney, Elijah Phillips, Mark Powell, Brantley Pressnall, Gage Stout, and Angelisa Tello have been named by the faculty to receive the East Middle School Most Valuable Student Award for the first semester.

An M.V.S. nominee is a student who has demonstrated high academic achievement, outstanding leadership and citizenship characteristics during the previous semester. An M.V.S. Certificate from the school was presented by Principal Denton Long to these talented eighth graders