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East Middle School Student Council Present Assembly Highlighting Ponca City Humane Society


PONCA CITY – The East Middle School Student Council planned and orchestrated a school-wide assembly highlighting the Ponca City Humane Society during Wildcat Wednesday. Representatives from the Humane Society came to talk with students about what the Humane Society does. They brought two dogs with them to hopefully inspire students to participate more in the Humane Society Drive.

The East Middle School Student Council Humane Society Drive runs thru March 12, 2020. Donations can be brought to East Middle School located at 614 East Grand Avenue. Susie Schatz is the Student Council advisor and may be contacted through email at [email protected]


Pictured top left: East Student Mercedes Pemberton with black dog named Ameerah

Pictured top middle: Ashley Villian & Jewels Eaton

Pictures top right: East Principal Denton Long and Student Isabel Trimble with white dog named Murphy