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ENDUI in force until Sunday Evening


The National Safety Council estimates 421 people could be killed and another 48,500 seriously injured in car crashes during the Thanksgiving Day holiday period between Wednesday and Sunday. They say that on average, more than one-third of Thanksgiving period fatalities involve alcohol-impaired drivers. “Since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is known for its high volumes of both travel and alcohol consumption, the Council is warning drivers to be particularly vigilant at the start of the holiday period,” NSC said in a statement. Be safe, don’t be a statistic this holiday weekend. Buckle up, slow down, put down your phone, don’t drive if you’ve consumed alcohol, and make sure you’re well rested. Buzz kill, maybe… but better warned than dead!

When you are making plans keep Safety in mind!

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office’s ENDUI campaign has allowed multiple agencies to work side by side in a proactive capacity statewide to remove impaired drivers from the roadways. 

There were five DUI arrests made during Thursday night’s emphasis. Two drug arrests were also made along with several other citations for miscellaneous violations such as failing to wear a seatbelt, driving under suspension and transporting an open container of alcohol. More than 150 warnings were also given throughout the night. 

The motoring public continues to thank the Officers at the checkpoints for actively combating impaired drivers. “Ninety-nine percent of the people are very happy to see us and thankful we’re out on the roadways doing everything we can to keep them safe. These Officers in and around Stillwater and Payne County are not only professionals at what they do, they’re very polite and courteous and people remember that. They care about the citizens and the safety of the community and it shows. ”