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FBI Informant Worried


A Ponca City woman accused of wanting to hire a contract killer to poison a man in Israel is out of jail and is on house arrest, and that has the woman who informed the FBI about the murder-for-hire plot worried.

Tinsley Keefe is hoping for the best after the woman she tipped off to FBI agents was released from jail.

Keefe said, “They put like a geo-fence around my house and place of work, so she’s not supposed to come close to those areas,”.

Court documents say Keefe met with Danielle Layman at a Ponca City coffee house in May. Layman laid out a plan to kill a taxi driver in Israel by poisoning him with ricin.

Keefe called the FBI, who raided Layman’s home and arrested her. Layman was in federal court Tuesday and was ordered to house arrest because she’s 18 weeks pregnant and has no previous criminal history.

As part of the agreement, Layman was given an ankle monitor and cannot have any contact with Keefe.

“I don’t have any hatred in my heart,” Keefe said. “I just want everybody to be OK and loving toward each other. I think one thing that would be very good for her is to get some psychological help.”