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Freezing Drizzle Creating Slick Roadways In Northern Oklahoma Wednesday Morning


Roads in and around Ponca City are ice covered and slick. Please use extreme caution when driving today. The high temperature today doesn’t look like it will get above freezing so the roads will remain slick throughout the day. “We are working several accidents already this morning. We have seen head on collisions, multiple vehicle collisions and one party ran into the back of a Police Car while that officer was assisting at an accident scene. Conditions are dangerous so if you are out please make sure you drive slowly. Also make sure you give yourself plenty of time and defrost your windows before leaving” states Patrol Division Captain Randy Tyner. “If you are involved in a minor collision, please just exchange information with the other driver and clear the roadway as soon as possible. Our officers will not be responding to these accidents. If you are involved in a serious accident where there is substantial damage to either vehicle or other property, or either person feels like they may be injured call us and we will respond.” continues Captain Randy Tyner. “We will have a couple of extra officers on the street today for awhile, so please drive safely. Our Officers will cite you if you are driving in a manner not reasonable for the road conditions.”