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Garfield Elementary Ready for School Year

The first day of school for Ponca City Public School students is Wednesday, Aug. 18. One of the elementary schools ready to welcome back students is Garfield Elementary, located at 600 south Eighth Street.
Katy Thomason, principal at Garfield Elementary, said she is ready to hit the ground running. “Our focus is going to be on teamwork and helping each other reach success,” said Thomason.
Some ways they will be accomplish that is by offering school camps focused on reading and math skills, starting a parent involvement group and finding ways to make sure parents, community, students and staff feel as though they are working together to help students be the best they can be.
“My teachers are excited to start working with students on class building and team building skills,” said Thomason. “Our goal is for all members to work together to help us rise to the top and be an unstoppable team.”
Thomason said the school’s Partner in Education (PIE) is already looking for ways to help them create a sense of community, involvement and partnership. “As the principal, I am very excited to see what this year brings … a fresh start, some hard work and many successes along the way. Let’s go Garfield Wildcats!”