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Governor Stitt Allocated $10 Million to Supply Oklahoma Schools with PPE


Governor Stitt allocated $10 million dollars to supply Oklahoma schools with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The PPE was shipped and sorted at various sites in the State. They were then sorted and distributed by County Emergency Management. Paula Cain is the Emergency Manager for Ponca City. The PPE included masks for children (6,734) and adults (4,214), gloves of various sizes, gowns (13,370), and face shields (377). 


Bret Smith, Ponca City Public School Executive Director of Operations, explained, “The process was easy, quick and efficient. Our Emergency Managers from around several county offices were so kind and accommodating to us. They sorted the supplies, helped us maneuver our large truck, and assisted in loading them for us. The supplies will be available to all schools as needed.”


Pictured: PCPS Maintenance Employees Mike Marrazas and Darren Hadley helping to load the boxes