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Hi-Steppers Participate in Summer Camp

The Po-Hi Steppers participated in the American Drill Team School Private Camp June 15-17 at Robson Fieldhouse in Ponca City.
The Hi-Steppers learned five different routines and performed two of them at the end of camp. The girls had only two days to learn and perfect the pom routine and one day to learn and perfect the kick routine. Those two dances were performed on June 17.
On the first night of camp, the Hi-Steppers performed their home routine that they worked on in preparation for camp. Those three routines all scored a superior rating and earned the Hi-Steppers an Award of Excellence, the highest award at camp.
The girls also learned a dance and had to be awarded a red ribbon for dance excellence in order to be able to try out for All-American. Individuals who are selected after the tryout are either awarded Junior All-American (for ninth graders only), Senior All-American Honorable Mention (for grades 10-12) or Senior All-American (grades 10-12). Those receiving Junior All-American included Rheagan Bohon, Allison Edwards and Julia Looper. Those receiving All-American Honorable Mention included Kennedy Brown, Gabby Costello, Kalyn Delaney, Janie Heitman, Autumn Leist and Karlea Rich. Those earning All-American were Emma Bartley, Kate Branstetter, Virginia Bryce, Lexie Huster, Jill Jackson, Addy McIntosh, Lorin Scott, Haylee Waggoner and Adi Welch. All of these girls were invited to perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and at halftime of the Citrus Bowl.
The girls also competed for the honor of Miss High Kick and Kick Company, given to those girls with the best kicks on the team. Semi-finalists for Miss High Kick and Kick Company were Rheagan Bohon and Autumn Leist. Finalists for Miss High Kick and receiving Kick Company were Virginia Bryce, Kennedy Brown, Lexie Huster, Sophie Hodgson, Jill Jackson, Megan Malloy and Abby McIntosh. Virginia Bryce was named as Miss High Kick for the second year in a row. She is also the reigning National Miss High Kick.
Three girls were named “Most Improved and given the Gussie Nell Davis award for improvement. These girls were Gabby Costello, Paige Liston and Ava Wilson. Three girls were also given the “Pizazz Award.” This award is given for those girls with beautiful smiles and that “extra something” that make people want to watch them dance. Winners of the Pizazz Award were Kennedy Brown, Karlea Rich and Lorin Scott.
Kate Branstetter, Allison Burch and Kalyn Delaney were given the “Spirit of American Drill Team” Award. This award is given for outstanding dedication to the team and for fostering unity within the team. Emma Bartley, Jill Jackson and Adi Welch were named to the All-American Dance Company for outstanding dance technique throughout camp, and Jill Jackson was named the Outstanding Performer at camp for her leadership and dance ability.