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Hurricane Relief Coming From OKlahoma


Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management announced that Oklahoma is sending swift water rescue teams to the state of Texas to assist in the ongoing Tropical Storm Harvey response efforts.

Fourteen swift water rescue and Urban Search and Rescue teams and one management team from the Oklahoma Disaster Task Force deployed this morning to southeast Texas.

The Oklahoma teams will help support the Texas Division of Emergency Management with water rescues as the state continues to respond to the devastating flooding that has already occurred, and the additional rainfall and flooding expected due to the ongoing tropical storm.

A local task force featuring the best of the best has been deployed to Houston to save lives in wake of the flooding and damage caused by Tropical Storm Harvey.

“It’s one of the worst floods they’ve ever seen,” said Maj. Brad Smith, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

Oklahoma Task Force One features 16 of the best responders from the Oklahoma City metro. Those responders are now on their way to Texas.

“Initially we were headed to Katy, Texas,” a task force member said. “We’re hearing that it’s impossible to get to Houston from the north, so we’ve been diverted to the west to San Antonio and we’ll come into Houston” from that direction.

The search and rescue team is made up of Oklahoma City police officers and fire crews from several cities.

“there are firefighters from Oklahoma City, Edmond, The Village, Mustang, Norman and other fire departments

Oklahoma Task Force One is familiar with natural disasters. It was last deployed in 2013 after the Moore tornado.

The trained professionals are equipped with boats, ready to battle hazardous waters to save lives.

Oklahoma Task Force One expects to be in Texas for at least seven days. The crew could have their stay extended by another seven days.