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Interstate speed limits to rise to 75 mph in rural areas


The Oklahoma Transportation Commission voted on Monday to raise the speed limit to 75 mph on nearly 400 miles of the rural portions of Interstate 35 and Interstate 40.

This includes I-35 in northern Oklahoma where the speed limit will be raised from the Oklahoma-Logan County line south of Guthrie to the Kansas/Oklahoma border. Other portions of I-35 that will see a speed increase include I-35 from the Texas border to near Purcell,

I-40 will see different areas where the speed limit will be raised. This includes I-40 from the Texas border to near Elk City, just east of Elk City to just west of Clinton, just east of Weatherford to near Yukon and Shawnee to Sallisaw.

Speed limits in urban areas will remain the same.  Speed limit changes won’t be effective until new speed limit signs are manufactured and posted. The process could take around 2 months. In the meantime, the lower posted speed limits will continue to be enforced.

The vote on Monday was similar to an action one week ago when the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority voted to increase the speed on sections of rural turnpikes in Oklahoma.