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Investigations underway for credit card fraud attempt, identity theft and forgery in Tonkawa, Guthrie and Perry


Investigations are underway for an individual that has attempted credit card fraud, identity theft and forgery in Tonkawa, Guthrie, Perry and other locations.

Each town mentioned has their Police Department involved in the investigation. No mask and gloves on in the pictures from his first crime. Mask and gloves are on in the video at his second stop at Guthrie where he was buying weighing scales. The individual has visible tattoos on arms, also on the arms of the second man with him.

Police are also looking for two people seen at a sunglasses rack in one of the images.

If You know this person or persons, please contact Tonkawa Police Dept., Guthrie Police Dept., Perry Police Dept.

Below are photos and video of the suspect.

Posted by Barbara J. Kirby on Tuesday, May 19, 2020