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Kay County sees decrease in population


Following the 2020 U.S. Census, Kay County’s population has dropped by 6.1%.


The county lost more than 2,800 residents over the last decade. Kay County did have a population of 46,582 in 2010, but currently has a population of 43,700 as of 2020. Ponca City saw a decrease from 25,387 to 24,424 and Blackwell decreased from 7,092 to 6,085. Tonkawa was last reported to have a population of 3,052, Newkirk last reported a population of 2,324, Kaw City has 321 people and Braman has 180.


Oklahoma had an increase of over 200,00 new residents since 2010 and now has a population of 3,956,971. Oklahoma City’s population increased by more than 100,000 and now has a population of 681,054.Tulsa now has a population of 402,742.