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Kay County Sheriff’s Office Warns Of Scam Call Going Around


The Kay County Sheriff’s Office wants to warn citizens of a new scam call going around.

A Blackwell resident contacted the sheriff’s office this week after receiving a call from what she stated was the sheriff’s office.

The resident said that the caller was a male subject that told her she owed a debt to a loan company. The subject then said if she didn’t make arrangements to pay the loan, a deputy would arrest her the next day. Thye caller said the suspect could pay the debt that day in the amount of $600 or go to court where she would pay $1,600. The caller had the addresses, job information and banking information of the female victim.

The call back number provided was 1-844-870-6547.

Kay County Sheriff’s Office want to remind everyone that no county office collects debts over the phone. You should also never give out banking information or other personal information over the phone.

If this does happen to you, contact the Kay County Sheriff’s Office at 580-362-3250.