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Lake Ponca Trail Project Progresses


Work is progressing on the Lake Ponca Trail project. The project will consist of approximately 5,720 linear feet of 10-foot-wide ADA accessible concrete walking trail, striping, lighting, signage and landscaping located in Lake Ponca Park, between LA Cann Drive and Check Stand Road.

ODOT (Oklahoma Department of Transportation) is administering and inspecting this new trail project for the City of Ponca City. The project is partially funded by a $700,000.00 TAP (Transportation Alternative Program) grant that was awarded to the City by ODOT, with the City funding the balance of the project.  The contractor to whom ODOT awarded the project is Schiralli Construction Corporation out of Wilson, Oklahoma.

Work completed to date includes the necessary excavation and base preparation for the six-inch thick concrete trail, as well as the installation of concrete light pole bases and the conduit for the electric service. Other work currently on going includes the installation of a new post and cable fence to surround the new trail loop.

Caption for Photos:

Schiralli Construction Corporation making the first concrete trail pour on the Lake Ponca Trail Project on Tuesday, March 3.