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Larry Buck Retires From PTC Board of Education After 23 Years


Larry Buck, long-time Pioneer Technology Center (PTC) board member and current President of the Board, announced his retirement at this month’s board meeting.

“Pioneer Tech has greatly benefited by Larry Buck’s 23 years of board service to the district.  We are grateful Larry dedicated his time to his community and in making PTC a better place. We sincerely appreciate the service he has provided us as a school and to the district he represented,” said Traci Thorpe, Superintendent/CEO.

Buck began his over two decades of service with Pioneer Tech back in 1997. Since that time he has provided leadership on two major building projects.

“It has been a tremendous honor to serve on the PTC Board of Education.  Pioneer Tech is a unique organization that serves High School students, the adult population needing short term or long term training, and our business and industry partners.  The employees at PTC are committed to help the constituents of our school to succeed in all areas of the district. It is this commitment, coupled with other CareerTech centers across the state that creates an incredible workforce for economic development throughout Oklahoma,” said Buck.

He went on to talk about the memorable accomplishments he has valued during his tenure, such as Pioneer Tech’s development of a long term strategic plan that continues to meet the needs of the school and the communities they serve.  “We wanted to be able to support our current programs need for new technology and equipment and also continue to seek opportunities to develop future areas of study.  Our Health Wing was completed 6 years ago and that debt is now retired.  In June we began, Phase II, the Westward Expansion housing Cosmetology and Culinary Arts, as well as additional meeting and teaching spaces. This comprehensive plan we made several years ago allows PTC to grow and support the educational needs of the people Pioneer Technology Center has so proudly served during the last 47 years.”

Buck was celebrated by Pioneer Tech leadership and board members in a small come and go gathering before the monthly board meeting. He was presented a mock-up of Pioneer Tech’s entrance sign and a goody basket provided by the entire tech center staff.  For more information about Pioneer Technology Center call 580-762-8336 or visit their website