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Liberty Fifth Grade Students Enjoy Special Book Project


Ponca City’s Liberty 5th grade students in Peggy Renfro’s 5th grade class just finished a special project with a book they used as their read aloud called “Wish.”  Students made dioramas of their favorite parts of the book as well as several other activities.



Pictured front row L-R:  Hunter Hollmann, Silas Andreyk, Matthew Dutton, Lillian Pendleton, Yesica Solano, Evan Logan, Alicia Chavez, Eric Youker, Kiyson Price, McKenzie Revard, Isaiah Kissell, Lathan Haines, and Kelly Samuel

Back row L-R:  Peggy Renfro, Diana Jimenez, Raegan Heskett, and Kaleah Wyatt

Students not pictured but did a diorama: Christopher Gootee and Alexis Powers