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Local communities provide guidelines for lawn mowing


With the spring season here, that means the start of mowing season. The City of Ponca City wants to remind everyone that blowing your grass into the streets is a violation of city code.

Grass clippings, leaves, and other lawn debris can clog storm drains, resulting in street and private property flooding. Also, storm drains flow directly to local waterways untreated. If this happens, you could receive a citation. If you have any questions or want to learn more information, please contact Ponca City’s Neighborhood Services at 580-763-3788.
While you should avoid throwing any lawn debris into your street, it is important to keep your lawn mowed. The City of Blackwell shared information that tall grass and weeds can block the line-of-sight for motorists and pedestrians. It can encourage the presence of bugs and insects, provide a home for mice and other rodents, it can aggravate allergies, provide cover for criminal activities and can collect trash and debris.
You can help by simply keeping your lawn mowed while following guidelines and help others who might need it.